Lola thank you!!!

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Your chicken Marbella!! it's a work favorite. I use the exact recipe you gave me so many years ago, and guests go wild for it!

last night I made it for Shabbat, I show up to work today like nothing's happening, and as soon as I came in, hadn't even taken my coat off, and Chaya tells me how people LOVED the chicken so much, everyone was raving about it. Not only were they going for seconds, but many took to go containers and took some to their rooms!! :michael-jackson: the two more people after that approached me to tell me how amazing the chicken was!

There's even suspicion that people who were vegetarians ate it, because only 2 people had the veg option, and there are supposedly, about 15 of them on campus.


thank you so much. Your chicken recipe is helping me shine at work. I love you! :t4511:

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Yea!!  It’s still one of my favorites.  

Way to shine sista!  

One of my new faves is picadillo.  Have you made that before?

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Well of course! Chuck and I have picadillo just with white rice. Or sometimes we stuff picadillo inside those empanadas that they sell in the frozen section. So good!


how did you find out about picadillo?


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