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How does the world see you?

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I listened to this very interesting podcast during one of my morning walks this week and the woman was talking about how to leverage how the world sees you, to your advantage. Before the podcast was up, she told the audience how they could learn about how the world sees them, with a quiz.


Assessment Code Password for free access: schoolofgreatness

Here are my results. What are yours?


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I got rock star.

The world sees me as:




Primary Advantage: Innovation

Secondary Advantage: Passion

Dormant Advantage : Alert

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Mine was the victor.

  • You are a strong leader who sets big goals. You pursue excellence across the board
  • You express yourself with confidence
  • You are results-oriented. In a chaotic world you maintain a sharp focus on objective
  • Ambitious and competitive, you constantly seek ways to improve your products, procedures, and ways of working
"Highest and Best Value" of THE VICTOR
  • You excel in your work. You exceed expectations.
  • In sales you impress clients with a superb presentation and detailed product knowledge.
  • In marketing you focus on generating high-quality leads. As a buyer you seek suppliers that can meet your high expectations.
  • You can achieve excellent results in the career you choose to pursue.
What Is Not the "Highest and Best Value" of THE VICTOR?
  • Victors play to win. You quickly become frustrated when others on your team do not share your goals.
  • You lose respect when people seem wishy-washy or uncommitted.
  • You exude a natural authority. You impress with your direct communication style.


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I know! The woman in the video said that my "twin" is the rock star.

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