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I got this idea for this thread because when my computer crashed I lost all my favorite places along with my internet recipe file. There was this one recipe for Thai fried chicken wings or drumettes I lost and hope to come across it some day.

Post internet (or any) recipe you want to keepsake online in case something like your computer crashing happens. Whenever you see a good recipe you want to save,toss it in here. You'll always be able to find it.

I'm going to start with this flatbread recipe. It's called Kerala Parotha. All this time I thought it was called Poori, but it's obviously not.

Not sure if this is a good recipe, but I have tasted this bread before in the city and fell in love with it! It's flaky, buttery and delicious. reading how the author of this blog describes it, sounds and looks exactly


There is another bread that is very close and could be even better recipe. The flakier the better.

-Roti canai



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Wow! That looks good. Since I got my blender I want to start eating healthy again. Green Smoothies are a good way for me to get my veggies in, because I'm horrible about eating meals with them regularly. In the summer I eat fresh veggies raw all the time but in the winter it seems so hard to do it. The girls love green smoothies too.

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Oh god, I want to make out with that.

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