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No more paid subscriptions for LL/BBB

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Since BBB/LL has been slow lately, we decided to do away with paid subs for the time being. Right now everyone will have access to the entire board, except for the OBBB section. That section will be reserved for old-timers who want to keep their journals private.

Starting next week I will start adding new ACTIVE members to the OBBB section of the board so they can have the choice of privacy, if they choose. These members must be members who have been active with posting in the last 6-months to a year. Depending on the member.

Please start spreading the word to other members who might have not joined BBB because they had to pay a sub. Anyone is still welcome to donate to the board for maintenance if they wish, but no one has to.

I will send out a mass email between tonight and Monday.

thanks for your patience. :)

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