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  1. Thanks Geraldine. Thought I share a bit here since you've asked. I've already made a few things for family and friends and their even shocked that I do any of this. Guess I'll stick to it for the next 20 or so years, the ideas keep on coming. I would show more foodie pics too if I weren't on a diet. But most likely it won't work because the holidays are coming and there's always tons of cooking to be done.
  2. I expect the holidays will be extremely crazy but looking foward to it this year. I added a few things to my inventory and took some pictures to share. Will do my best to check in monthly as I am unable to daily due to hectic schedule and certain committments. Sadly, I haven't been able to contribute much to any of my favorite forums lately. If it becomes too much as every forum has a tight circle, I will ask to disable my account due to unavailability. No hard feelings and no offense taken. Here are some of my crafts as promised.
  3. I second this. Crock pot recipes are a life saver, especially back in college.
  4. I think I'll be fine as an introverted parent. I'm actually active and extroverted when I want to be. It's like a switch I can turn on or off based off on how I'm feeling at the moment. What I don't want to turn into is a helicopter mom. I love children - my own that is.
  5. Well, I feel much better now. There are a few good members that makes it hard to leave a forum completely. Even more so when I run events on it. I guess I'll wait around and see.
  6. Thanks. I treat myself to little things like this often. I work hard and enjoy life's simple pleasures. It really doesn't take that much to make me happy.
  7. Thanks. Unfortunately it's not ready to go live. It's still in the works and I'm trouble-shooting some issues. I made a sweater last year with a matching bow. I'll try to post a few here when I'm done making them.
  8. I'm going to melt it and then mix in with their kibble. Maybe try it on my face and see what it does.
  9. Skittle
  10. I treated myself to some goodies at home after my workout yesterday. I had a fairly good day, got a lot done. Today I am going to work on a few requests for people's pets. I make and sell dog accessories, BTW.
  11. I just bought some this week and put it in my dogs' food. Apparently they licked it off and left the kibble. haha.
  12. I did a triple feature last week. My boyfriend and I are big movie goers, we saw: Grown Ups 2 The Conjuring Woverine
  13. At heart I'm an introvert but I pull myself over to the other side when the situation calls for it. I'm somewhat an ambivert.
  14. I stopped buying treats from China way back. I try to edcuate people at the petstore when they pick up those treats. Can you imagine the look on their faces? My 2 get homemade dog biscuits and jerky. I prefer it that way.
  15. Thanks everyone. I love my babies, my boyfriend spoils them too. I like company just not when they invite themselves without notice. And that has happened more than once.