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  1. I feel bad for the kid, they are a complete mess. I just wish he would grow up and stop being so selfish, I know it doesn't effect me anymore but now he's bringing a child into it. Ugh.
  2. Yeah a bunch of people I know do that too, you can pay $5 a month to do it I think but I'm so tech un-savvy I don't even know where to begin.
  3. Oh she's jealous, she doesn't "allow" him to speak to me and trash talks me all the time apparently. She also claims that she has a much prettier face than I do and is way more attractive. :coffee:
  4. Okay you guys need to keep this on the down low especially since I have some of you on fb etc but Jeff told me the other day that his fiancee is 8 weeks pregnant. :disappoint: She has also moved out and his parents won't speak to him... Here's the lovely couple
  5. I have Canadian Netflix and it's shit so I'm watching Hemlock Grove and it's also shit, but I'm addicted.
  6. Or maybe a goblet? Lol these names
  7. In between cello and hourglass I guess. I don't know if I'm considered plus sized anymore.
  8. I should start a new journal!
  9. So happy for you girl! Sometimes we have to go through hell to find out who we are and end up much better for it. So glad to see you happy, and I'm so excited to follow your pregnancy! Have you discussed marriage any further now that you're expecting?
  10. I wouldn't appreciate it if I was forced into it especially if the cost is $400-500 each (seems awfully inflated tho) but it does sound like fun. I have shot boudoir photos before and it's a blast and I think something that can really make a woman feel good about herself. I would love to do something like that with a bunch of friends but I'm not shy like that and some people are. So yeah not for everyone.
  11. Yes absolutely, our relationship troubles, all his unhappiness, his failures, everything was my fault somehow. Funny how now that I'm gone his life had spiraled an absolute mess huh?
  12. Yeah he knows and has seen one photo, I've also seen his girl and welllll not to sound like a bitch but major downgrade lol. We do keep in touch now but it's hard for me to get past my feelings of anger towards him, like you said Rachel the way he handled himself was weak and cowardly. I've learned now by seeing him from a new perspective that he has a lot of issues.
  13. It's still so weird though I remember when I was planning my wedding with you guys, and thinking 50% of us will end up divorced...I never thought I'd be one of them. I feel like I failed and it's hard for me to deal with that but he didn't give me the chance to make it work and I know now it's what was best. It's just weird to think I might one day be planning another wedding in my future and starting all over. I do want to get married again and I think I have so much of a better understanding of who I am and what I need in a partner. I just want to be happy and make someone else happy, it's not about showing off to the world or grand gestures or titles anymore. it's not about a picture perfect life, those don't exist. Its just about day to day happiness and peace, whatever happens happens. :)
  14. At the end of October I found out Jeff was starting to date, only a few weeks after our split. Then 2 weeks after that I saw he had changed his relationship status to 'in a relationship' with some girl, I was absolutely shocked. Shortly after that him and his entire family deleted me from Facebook and stopped speaking to me. I went into kind of a dark time, I stopped eating and started making some bad decisions, being around people who weren't good for me. I carried on that way until January when I started to feel better and find my self worth again. I felt like I wanted to try to find someone again and decided to just try dating so I joined a dating site. It was very overwhelming, I was getting hundreds of messages from mostly terrible guys, but in the mix I did find and meet several great guys. I dated a few of them casually but decided I wasn't going to hang on to anything that I didn't feel was right so I had to break a few hearts (haha). Then I met John and I know it sounds cliche but it just felt different with him, no games and no bullshit, we took things slow and talked for a month before meeting. He told me he had been on the site for a while but hadn't actually gone on a date in a couple years. I made most of the moves as he was and is pretty shy, we finally met and I just felt an instant connection, I smiled like an idiot the whole way home. We continued to date casually (although both agreed we were only focusing on each other) for a couple of months at which point I asked if I was his girlfriend, he said he really liked me but wanted to be in love first before we put those kind of titles on it, I didn't agree but respected that and he promised that even though we weren't making that commitment by saying we were in an official relationship that he was only with me and would continue to be only with me. About a month later I brought him to a party to meet some friends for the first time and afterwards when we got home I felt something change in him, he just kept staring into my eyes and holding me and was being so intense. A couple days later he said he wanted me to be his girlfriend. A few weeks after that I realized I was in love with him but was scared to say so but finally got the courage to tell him last week and he told me he loves me too. He said he's never said it to anyone before and it's still new for him and I guess it's kind of new for me too. He makes me really happy, his honesty is something I always wanted in a partner and it feels so amazing to have that now. He never plays games and he's sweet in small ways like just remembering things I have mentioned wanting to do or try and making them happen. We are taking our first little trip together at the end of the month for a couple of days in Montreal and I'm very excited. As for Jeff the girl he was in a relationship with, turns out that they actually moved in together after a week and got engaged after 2 weeks. He's miserable now and they fight constantly and he has tried to come crawling back a few times. although I'm sad for the loss of our marriage I know now that we just wanted different things in life and that I wasn't happy with him and don't think I ever could be honestly, we both just became different people. So I'm excited now to see what life brings me, I plan on moving back into the city come winter and will be looking for a new job as well. I want to lose another 30 lbs and I have started pole fitness (lol yes like stripper poles) it's really fun and is actually a great work out! Roxy is back living with me (Jeff threatened to have her put down for her so called aggression, turns out she attacked his new chick...hahaha good puppy) and she's happy here. I have so much more drama on Jeff I could write a novel but I'm just glad not to be a part of it anymore, he's a boy and not a man and I really wish him well but it's not what I want for my life.
  15. OMG I wrote a crazy long reply on my phone and lost it allllllll