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  1. I know! It's crazy isn't it!! When I go to work I have Jan DVR my favorite news shows then try to catch up when I get home. So much happens everyday...or the media makes us think so much happens everyday! :wacko:
  2. Wonderful debate. Each candidate had their moments. During the primaries I was 100% Obama, even sending money to his campaign. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but I've been absent from the board since the conventions. Not by accident, I decided to spend my "online time" doing research to make sure I use my vote in the manner I find most effective. I agree with Lola, there are no perfect candidates, nor will there ever be.
  3. That is fascinating! Where did you read about that? I'd like to know what the deal with that is, too. He gets deified for his Community Organizing work (which I do think works nicely on his resume), but we don't talk much about those kinds of dirty dealings. I smell a Whitewater. Got all that from Newt Gingrich. Talk to ya later! The debate is about to start!
  4. You're right, I am talking about individuals, options for those that want it. This is how people learn, through mutal respect and the ability to be open to eachothers ideas. :smile:
  5. Naahhh....I don't take it personally and I know I'm not talking about just minorities or immigrants. Remember, I'm married to a minority. I'm talking about people who don't care to make it any better for themselves or neighbors. I would love to know why people sit in an ER for sometimes over 8 hours to get a pregnancy test when they can get one from the $1 store. Someone, please, tell me. I'm not one of "those people" Rach. I'm a great nurse that LOVES emergency medicine. The keyword is "emergency medicine". If I enjoyed clinic work, I would be there. I love traumas, blood, guts and gore and most importantly...saving someones life. My nursing practice is not what is at question here. My point was simply offer options. Some people would probably give anything for the option.
  6. I'll be glued to the TV tonight. I wonder if Obama will have to answer why he was the second largest recipient of funds ($525,000) from Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae/Lehman Bros. Both parties failed with the mortgage meltdown but why were some putting money in their pocket from these two lending giants? Can someone also explain how Obama received $525,000 of contributions from bankrupt Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and Lehman Brothers. Barack Obama has received more money from this bankrupt and corrupt organization than any other member of Congress. In his very short time as a lawyer, Obama represented clients seeking to force Lenders to provide high-risk, subprime mortgage loans which are now at the center of our nation's major crisis. FRANKLIN RAINES (Obama Top Advisor): former CEO of bankrupt Fannie Mae who was fired for “accounting irregularities” and was given a $90 million Golden Parachute. JIM JOHNSON (Obama Top Advisor who chose Joe Biden as V.P.): former CEO of bankrupt Fannie Mae and CEO of bankrupt Lehman Brothers. PENNY PRITZKER (Obama National Finance Chair): former Chair of bankrupt subprime lender, Superior Bank of Chicago. Paid $450 Million in fines to avoid potential criminal prosecution
  7. I agree, maybe making all forms of birth control free INCLUDING things like vasectomy, tubal ligation (paid by the govt) would be a good idea, but that doesn't mean we pay them to do it because that's unethical and classist and just, wrong. I bet if it were free many women would choose to get the tubes tied after their 7th kid, they're in the hospital anyways. But the idea of actually offering incentives for the rich & educated to have more kids is ludicrous. Agreed 100%.
  8. Like I said, I don't agree with his proposal but I do I agree with offering women and men an alternative to mindless reproduction. I see women and men who each have 3 or more children, all with different baby daddy's and mama's, because of one night of fucking. The simple fact is, they don't give a shit and are happy to get another check from the government. Did you know many of them qualify for free birth control or can pay as little as $3 a month and they don't, yet they keep having unprotected sex, then come to the emergency dept. to be treated for STD's and the tax payer foots the bill. Nice. Even better, we get to pay the way for there disabled children because they drank and did drugs throughout their pregnancy. IMO, give them the option to stop procreating. We all know there are people out there that have no intention of stopping the cycle and for the most part, it works for them, so they have no incentive to stop. No, I didn't become a nurse to help free-loaders, I became a nurse to help those that want to help themselves. There is a way out, you just have to want it bad enough and if you need assistance from the government and community along the way, there is no shame in that but make your way out and give back when you can. No one can tell me there isn't a way out, there is. My MIL is the perfect example, she came here from Korea, didn't speak any english, had three kids, her husband left her in dirt poverty, she worked hard to make it out is now retired living on beach front property with a handsome portfolio. It can be done. P.S. It's not the poor, sick people that cuss me out...I'm happy to give them a bus pass along with warmth and compassion. It's the assholes that aren't sick, yet use the ER for STD's, pregnancy tests and colds because they don't like community health clinic...oh...and they call an ambulance to get there. Those are the idiots using up resources and don't think twice about doing so.
  9. I hate you feel so crappy. Mommy dearest added to illness is enough to push anyone over the edge. She always has a way of doing this to you. I wonder what she gets out of it that makes her keep doing it?
  10. Day in, day out I see multi-generational welfare recipiants who don't care one bit to stop the cycle. It infuriates me that my hard earned money goes to these people. I'm not saying all welfare recipiants are like this, I'm saying there is a group of people who would benefit the society if they did stop mindlessly reproducing. These are the same group of people who cuss me out when I won't give them a bus pass after they just got $5,000 to $10,000 worth of free healthcare. I invite anyone here to spend an evening with me at work and you'll see what I mean.
  11. How did it go? I'm not sure if people here know by my husband is Korean. His dad got his mom pregnant during the Korean war and she came to the U.S. Anyway... We eat alot of bulgogi and kimchee. ALOT. I actually make pretty good bulgogi but I go to the korean market for kimchee. We eat kimchee with most meals. Our favorite meal is bulgogi, kimchee, white rice, seaweed and pickeled radish. Cucumber kimchee is also a fave.
  12. :rofl: It cracks me up that you get your "news" from Perez Hilton!
  13. I'm taking a little internet break. Maybe logging on once or twice a week.
  14. I won't be the one ripping you apart. I've been following this race VERY closely and have since "changed teams" since I started my research. I was 150% Obama and am now voting McCain/Palin. Like Dana told me, it's ok to vote where it hits your personal home.
  15. Oh, I didn't know. Our bill is $160 a month for unlimited data on my iPhone and Jan's Blackberry and we share minutes on a family plan. We don't have a home phone so it all washes out.