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  1. Hi Lola! It does sound odd right? What I meant is that I visit the forum habitually - I've been a member of some sort since before I was married ... It's not that I come in here and ready every single open journal, I pop in & out! I remember the girls that are still here from their wedding journals or had been in some group journals with some of them. It wasn't done with malice or anything of that sort. So anyway I don't think it matters anymore why I did it or whatever its a moot point.
  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaha! No worries, I visit on my off time - don't contribute much anywhere else. SO it's all good! Most forums will disappear eventually ... its only a matter of time. Just wondering about 'the change' that's why I posted this! I've contributed in the past when the BBB was more active wedding days & all, even posted a few pics of my daughter when she was born. Maybe contributed here & there on some members journals not much ever really. Now that I think of it my coming back here is more of a habit than anything else! Anyway, thanks for the response!!
  3. OK! I've been a lurker forevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvva, no problem till now I guess. Thanks R!
  4. Umm?! What the?! I'm here ..... Imma reader not a writer ya'll !!
  5. I've watch season 1, loved it! Haven't had time to start season 2 :(
  6. Hi Marlene! The box of succulents is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ... did you use regular pot soil? ♥ your christmas tree.
  7. Seriously? He's a douche ... I agree w the girls, he just trying to get to you! Put on your poker face don't let him see how much it really hurts - he'll regret it when he realizes that the grass is hardly ever greener on the other side. ♥
  8. Hi Melo! I was wondering about the name change on FB ... sounds like you are better off :) I'll be following!!
  9. ♥ her! Did you see her on Restaurant Impossible?! She's so motherly and warm. :)
  10. Not that it matters now, LOL but the vitamix is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rachel! :grin2: I wanna be as fit as you are at 40, you look amazing!
  12. Wow, I totally agree with all 5... I find myself thinking more of 'what ifs' now that I am nearing my 30s - I'm happy to read I am not the only one who has these regrets
  13. Welcome! The girls definately keep it REAL, look forward to 'seeing' you around!!
  14. =( I am SO glad you're all safe, I am so sorry - how scary!! Please keep us posted.
  15. His head looks smaller than the rest of his body in that pic! LOL. Doesnt surprise me, she's a dirty hoe. :)