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  1. oh man, Maria, my heart breaks for you. l can't even begin to imagine what you are going through right now. You must feel paralyzed and in disbelief. L'm so sorry sugar, l really am. xo xo xo
  2. What a little cutie! l love that they have each other! They will be forever friends. Have you thought of a car seat/harness for Redd? It keeps them in place and gives them a sense of security, that may help with the car sickness.
  3. That is almost exactly like the fridge l have at home and l love it aside from the fact that freezer space seems so small. Congrats on the puppy, show us pics!
  4. This is just heart breaking Maria. I'm so very sorry, l can't even profess to imagine what you are going through, but know we are here if you need us.
  5. Hi Maria, l hope you are doing ok, l've heard about your loss and l'm so sorry. lf you want to share you know we will be here for you xo xo
  6. l will send her a pug hug from you for sure. She will love it. Dee, it totally makes me feel connected.
  7. So l'm feeling a little better. l still can't look at pictures of her yet because it's just too raw, but the heavy heart crushing feeling is easing up and l can talk about her and think about her and smile. This is going to sound so queer but the night she died l went out on the balcony and looked up in the sky and l saw a little cluster of stars that looked like a paw print. l put on my glasses and found that it was just one bright star. l go out on the balcony every night and talk to my Gladdy Star. l laugh, l cry, and l just talk to her and it makes me feel so much better. l can't believe l just admitted that lol but honestly it makes me feel so much better.
  8. Oh man, poor guy. That's crazy that he could get out on the roof like that. What a rascal. lf l were you l would go talk to the neighbors and explain what is up. lf they don't understand the poor guy had anxiety then who cares what they think. lol At least you will know you tried.
  9. Thanks for checking in girls. The pain is easing some, but l still break down from time to time. Poor stellie is just depressed and kind of just laying around. Poor thing misses her sis. l hope she doesn't decide to give up, l need my little sugar right now. l appreciate you girls check in and your kind words. xo xo xo
  10. Well, it's funny that you say that because today she started getting restless and looking for Gladys. Stellie was the nurturer, she always cleaned Glad and watched over her so l think it is in her nature. So l would consider it, and Todd admitted that he was looking today. l just can't go there yet. But it's something l would eventually think about.
  11. Rachel, l remember your pain like it was yesterday and my heart ached so bad for you. l'm feeling a little better, but l still can't really look at pictures of her and think of fond memories yet because it rips my guts out, so l just try to think her surrounding me and concentrating on keeping Stella busy. Thank you so much Gera, l don't know why but it helps when l hear of people that have gone through it and end up with fond memories. xo xo
  12. Thank you girls. This fucking sucks so hard. l go out on the deck every night and talk to her and it makes me feel a little better. l had a crazy thought hoping that there was no after so that she would just be gone and not afraid, or feel lost without her family. She was so tender l just imagine her being scared. l know my thoughts are crazy right now but l honestly feel that way right now. l'm sure it will change when the pain subsides. Sorry about Thomas' dog Dee, it's so sad.
  13. Thank you girls, these pugs were my first pets (aside from a guinea pig) and l have always felt so horrible when someone lost their beloved companion, but now l really know what they are going through. l feel a little better today because maybe the shock is wearing off, but yesterday l could have died the pain was so intense. l don't think it has sunk in with Stelly yet, she has been looking around for her a little, but it breaks my heart to leave today and leave her here alone all day. They have had each other since Stelly was 6 months old. She doesn't know any better.
  14. Thank you Rachel, we are completely shattered. l know this sounds dramatic, but I don't know how to be normal right now. I don't know if l'll ever get over it.
  15. Oh my god, you guys, l'm beyond devastated. Our Little Gladys passed away last night....It was sudden and painless. l can't even get my mind around it. l will post more later when l'm not so raw. Please send her some comforting thoughts, it makes me feel so sad that she's not with us and all alone.