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  1. I need to watch those videos and read that book! l sometimes go through the house with a garbage bag and just grab things and start tossing, and it feels sooooo good! l have a lawn care lady that is lower income and raising 3 kids and l always ask her first when l purge if she needs/wants what l'm getting rid of and she usually takes it. lt makes me feel good because the items are getting another life, and someone really wants them. l know what you mean about your wedding dress, it would have been nice for her to acknowledge it for what it is, but the bride that gets it certainly will!
  2. lt was pretty amazing, but honestly, it's good to be home. l can't wait to go in tomorrow and see how it looks.
  3. We've been up north for the last 10 days on vacation because the salon is going through a remodel, so it's been pretty great.
  4. Thanks Gera and Dee! Yeah Rachel, l swear l thought of you when it was put up. Whyyyyyy us?? lol lol I love it, it makes the room, but l wanted light and airy. Maybe l could sand it off, l might give that a try.
  5. We did a few things at The Earl this weekend, my dad came down for fathers day and spent the weekend with us, we grilled my assistant Carolina and her hubby Mike came over (they have a place up there near us) and it was a great weekend all around. l loved having my dad there because he has all the tools and does things right, here are a few projects we did. My friend is a hunter and he gave me three deer skulls that he cleaned from deer he got. It may seem gross but l like that l know they were humanely killed and the meat went to good use. Plus l think they look cool . And l think l may have mentioned that l've been collecting driftwood from my dad's beach and wanted to make it into a headboard. So l gave all the wood to the girl that did the driftwood light fixture, laid it out for her and she made a headboard. l like it , l really do but man l wish she wouldn't have put a varnish on it. lt makes it all look brown, and l wanted the soft silvery greys that the natural driftwood has. l don't hate it, it's fine, it's actually better than fine, but it's not exactly what l wanted. Spare bedroom before.... With new headboard.
  6. Thanks Em, it really has been great.
  7. hahaha oh man, that would be happening in the near future!
  8. l know man, she needs to use her inside voice. On sat. Kelsey came back and said Lola, all my dreams would come true if l could come back here with you and John. Poor thing is right next to Loud Mandy. l talked to a few of the girls and said why don't we have a chat and bring up professionalism, and act like we are talking about ourselves and how we need to be more professional, and tone it down and maybe she will get the hint? I doubt it will work, but it's worth a try. I was walking by her station and l hear he talking about a certain shirt that gives her "belly sweat", l was like what the fuck. But she knows her clientele and what they can handle so l'm just going to let this all slide. l hope she doesn't cause a divide, because so far everyone is really tight and works well together.
  9. Thanks for checking in Rach, things are still great. The owners of the building are going to be doing some renovations to make more room and make it easier for us to all work unencumbered. It's tight now and they know it. The owners of the building Rebecca and Gary, took us out as a staff to thank us for choosing their space and for us all to get to know each other better. We all got wasted and had a blast. After a few cocktails Rebecca told me that when I first came in to talk to them she thought l was coming in to check out how they were doing things and not really looking for a job. She said she went to bed that night and said please god, let Lola be serious and really want to come and open up shop here. She said it was all she could think about until our second meeting when l signed the lease and she could breathe easy. lol It was really good for us to get together, we were all open and it gave a perspective on who we all are outside of work. I know it sounds egotistical but the girls were like ....we love you lola blah, blah, blah, we are so lucky to have you etc. One of the girls said she was scared when she found out l was coming that l was going to be this big bitch because l owned my business for so long. And Rebecca told me that she always dreamed of working at Lola and if she didn't buy this building she was going to come in and interview. So all in all it was a big love fest, and we all dig each other and they freakin' love my assistant Carolina and she likes it there too. There is one girl Mandy, she is really sweet but really young and loud.....the good news is she's got a space up front, and l have the back room so l'm not affected by it that much, l'm starting to hear whispers about her rubbing a few of the girls the wrong way. My owner mentality wants to step in and kind of mellow her out for her own good, but l'm going to let it play out for a bit and see how it goes.
  10. How cool! Congratulations Dee. You will never forget your proposal story that's for sure. lol
  11. Thank you ladies, it really is where l'm supposed to be. The best perk is waking up on a Monday and thinking of all the things l need to do for the salon, pay the cleaning lady, get the towels ready for the week, pay bills and do book work, answer messages and organize the schedules....and then l realize and NO, l don't have to do any of that ever again. I can sit here with my coffee on my day off and enjoy my life! It's the freakin' bomb! We were up north a few weeks ago and l had my work phone and schedule and l was sitting on the deck and made 3 appointments with a cocktail in my hand, those calls would have gone unanswered until l got back, which always put pressure on me to get back. Plus fielding calls for the other stylist, l always felt pressure to get their clients taken care of. Not no mo.
  12. Ok so now that l have a month under my belt at the new place l can post an honest assessment of how l feel. At first l was like....what the fuck did l do. For the first week l was slowly bring in my supplies and kind of living out of my car, the dispensary where we mix up colors is sooo small, l don't think they originally were going to have 7 stations so it was cramped and my shit was just so unorganized. I actually booked an extra half hour per client just so it wasn't a rushed shit show and l really needed that extra time. I would come in and while I was happy, it just didn't feel like home. The girls are all nice, but of course at the point it was too early in the game to really know them, and l was like a fish out of water because they were all settled in and l was still organizing my space. I went to visit Gene, a guy that worked for me at his new salon and was like WTF why didn't I come here, there's so much space etc. l was having a little buyers remorse. Not having the responsibility was amazing, but was it worth it? Then l don't know what happened but one day l walked in and it all just clicked. l was so happy to be there, my stuff was put away and organized, my assistant was back from vacation and l really felt at home. My clients love the space, although a few of them did say they miss Lola Salon, because my number one priority was client comfort and this new space is a little cold. But all the cons of moving there slowly redeemed themselves. ln the beginning l was treading lightly because l didn't want to go in like a wrecking ball but after a few conversations with the building owner l asked about changing a few things and her response was mi casa es su casa. So I have since moved some things around, organized space in the office for us all to put our purses and supplies and it's just all working better. The owners of the building have committed to taking a few walls out and opening up the dispensary and making a better working environment so that's a plus as well. All the stylist are just really helpful with each other and all around good solid people. A few of the girls like to come and hang in my space between their clients, they have all made my clients feel really comfortable and they get my humor. No one is uptight or stressed, and they love Carolina, my assistant. l asked my self the other day ...if you could magically go back and have Lola Salon back and have things they way they were would you? My answer was unequivocally no. I'm happy that l have freedom, more money, more people to share hair techniques with, less responsibility and l'm no ones "momma". It's also freaking awesome that l don't have to go in on my day off and tend to things and l can make my appointments from anywhere that l am!
  13. I'm going to go post and update in my Big Changes journal right now. Thanks for checking in!
  14. Oh man how cool would that be!?! It's funny because we have a lot of table top cooking devices up there, we have a raclette maker, a few fondue pots, hobo pie maker(not table top but still) and our friends got us a table top s'mores maker. That would be perfect, l'd never have to turn on the oven again. l would spend all my time trying to recreate the freakin' fabulous pizza we had in Sicily.
  15. Thanks Dee and Mar. It's been a good week so far, it's been a little weird because my assistant is on vacation, and I'm still kind of slowly moving things in. It's more little annoyances like where to keep my tools that makes ergonomic sense etc. but the girls that work there are really nice and it's going to be really good once I get settled. There are so many things that I think they need to change that won't really cost them money to make it smoother for everyone that works there, but l don't want to come in like a wrecking ball so I will just make "gentle suggestions" and see how that goes. For example there is a decorative lantern on the floor in the bathroom and while its kind of cool, it doesn't belong there serving no purpose. I'd like to get rid of that and put a hamper there for our clients smocks. There needs to be another coat rack and more seating for clients because they overlap so I noticed some clients kind of milling around waiting. At Lola I had a really comfy seating area with a table and magazines so people could sit with wine, tea, or coffee and read a magazine and have their space. There is an office crammed full of stuff, just stuff that no one uses, that would be awesome storage for us stylists. So basically when they opened and were decorating they though more about what would look cool instead of busy stylists working around each other. l luckily have a separate space that l pay more for and there is one really sweet guy that l share it with so I'm not as crammed up but I just hope they are open to suggestions.