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  1. Yikes,Deirdre, that's scary to spend all that money and not be much better off. A friend of mine got his BS in psychology and then got a master in political science thinking he was going for his law degree. I'm still not sure what he is doing but happy. He has a job after two years.
  2. Very cute!
  3. Welcome back!
  4. Thanks, everything will be charged between May and June and we find out what we get at the end of June. I also saw that the ballot to enter the London Marathon was open so I applied for that as well.
  5. I just finished applying for the ticket lottery for the Olympics next year. I'm excited to go and a friend of mine and I planned on my purchasing the tickets and her paying me back for her portion of the tickets, but I'm flabbergasted at what the price might come to if we get all the tickets we applied for. :uh:
  6. Lily, that all looks yummy.
  7. yeah that's pretty good I think. Here are mine since I've been a little busy with the Gov't shutdown and whether i would be working. The first picture is about halfway through the process and the second picture is at the very end.
  8. That's just crazy but in conjunction with female circumcision it's all just appalling.
  9. I've made it in my bread maker, I've got a quicky recipe that does the entire process in 5 hours... for the starter as it matures it will foam up and get bubbly on the top. Perhaps I can make a loaf tomorrow and show you what my starter looks like. I know if you are making it from scratch it has to be kept warm and that the more days the starter sits the more sour the bread becomes.
  10. We've tried steamed Kale and wasn't impressed and DH used to talk about his school classroom feeding it to a pet. Perhaps something new to make it better. Thanks!
  11. We have to watch DVD's because we are out of country.:cry:
  12. I know, I know :P