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  1. I totally get that. We just looked at the financial aspects of it all, how much time we really spend at the Katy house, who comes and visits and who doesn't (Which is pretty much no body comes around anymore), we are Empty nesters, and we are both ready for the slower pace of life. He is ready to not have to work so hard. $23K a year in expenses for our Katy home versus $13K at the Lake House. It was just a no brainer for us... We have been busy the last two days decluttering. We have a long way to go and we are hoping to have everything done and this house on the market in the next 60 days. Our Goal...
  2. Lot's of things have been going on the last week or so...Work has been incredibly busy and I don't ever remember it slowing down any since I started working with this Agency. Trying to get my crap together for Taxes so we can get that to the new CPA we decided to use. This is always a busy time of year. The biggest thing of all is, we have decided to sell our Katy, TX home and move to the Lake house permanently. Just makes financial sense and just makes sense because we both love being there so much that we just never want to come home. I added up our yearly expenses for both properties including how much we pay per year in House payments and by unloading this house, I will put back in our pockets almost $23K per year. That is HUGE... We have no ties to the city any longer, daughter is grown and on her own so we don't have to stay so she can go to a certain school and we are now at a time in our life where we want the simple slower pace of life. We won't be totally cut off from any big Cities, we will still be within 1.5 hour drive from Houston, Austin, Waco and about 30 minute drive to College Station or Brenham. Hubby can work from anywhere so he is not holding us back. We are hoping that my current Agency will let me work from Home 2 days per week then I will commute in to our Houston office or Austin Office 3 days a week. If he doesn't like that idea then I will just find an Agency close by to our lakehouse, that is not a big problem. SO, we are in the process of decluttering this house, fixing and painting and getting it ready to sell. Hopefully within the next 60 days we will have it on the market and on our way to less financial strain. We plan to take the proceeds of the sale (after we pay off the loan) and renovate and add on to the Lake house. I am so excited for this process. We have a contractor friend that will be looking at our ideas soon and letting us know the cost. I just can't wait for this process to get underway...So excited!
  3. Oh my, I love everything about your NYE Party, that looks amazing. You have made "The Earl" such a cozy, warm and inviting place to be. It looks so amazing. I hope when you are there you feel a sense of peace and relaxation. I would love to stay in your place for sure...
  4. Spending today cleaning, cleaning the Winter Blues and Dirt from this house. It is amazing how dirty the place gets and I do try to clean every time I am here but sometimes there are those days that you just can't. Taking inventory of the things we have, the things we need and I notice, do we really need Garlic Paste? I mean aren't we here to relax, live the simple life? Not even sure who or how that got here. If I find Capers somewhere I will worry...Seems I want the simple life but I still try to be extravagant, even at the lake... Projects outside are almost complete, lot's have been cleared and our Property is amazing and just almost the way we want it. However, we have been having conversations of what New things we want to do when we can afford too. Add a Master Suite, New Bathroom, put in some new Flower Beds and a Garden....Ahhh the list never ends. Well must go, tonight I am roasting a Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin, Rustic Mashed Red Potatoes and Baked Beans...Happy Weekend! #casaverde
  5. It was a blast. Just loved it...So glad we wee able to experience it..
  6. Hubby and I went on Saturday night to see the Live Version of Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was amazing. Hubby got us VIP Tables and we were right at the stage. After it was over we got to go onstage and dance The Time Warp and get pictures with the Cast. Hubby even got a Lap Dance by the Main Character which was amazing and hilarious all at the same time. We also took my daughter and sister in law. We had the best time. Daughter and Sister in Law in the Front wearing the Red Boa's and Hubby and I are next to the girl in the same row with the Teal Hair. Him in purple shirt and me in black. Enjoy the Pic!
  7. Thanksgiving will just be Hubby and I at "Casa Verde". I am roasting some Turkey Legs, Dressing, Mashed Taters, Green Beans and Rolls. I also think sometime this weekend hubby will be Deep Frying a Chicken because he Loves fried chicken. I am out at the Lake all week on Vacation. Just me and my puppy right now. Having a great time enjoying the quiet and relaxation. Happy Thanksgiving to All!
  8. We are in the process of making another area in the back. It has the lights also and will have a couple of Chairs and our Hot Tub will be on it.....I cant wait till its done..
  9. Thank you, it is a pretty great place to relax. Hubby is working on another one now...
  10. So this is what we worked on this weekend. We do get the lights from Costco. That is what we strung up. We also have some in the back lot and we are putting up some more in the back lot. It gives just the right amount of light.
  11. I love your wreath. I think it completes the home even if the inside isn't quite done. Just says "Welcome"
  12. Thanks, now if I could just finish packing....I already need Alcohol and I am not even on the plane with his parents yet....
  13. Thanks. He worked really hard on it this weekend to complete it for me. Eventually we will string lights criscrossed over the Patio from the Porch roofline to the Carriage House, it will give a soft glow of light that is not over powering. The back of this patio is still open and a pathway to the new back patio in the newly fenced back yard will be completed soon. We have a couple more chairs to put together so we can sit back there and hopefully see deer outside the fence in the evenings coming to eat out of the Deer Feeder we will be getting soon. Hoping soon hubby gets things to where he wants them to be so he can sit back and look over the Fruits of his labor. It is really turning into what we envisioned.
  14. And, just like that it is complete. Girl's weekend will be lots of fun for sure!
  15. That sounds equally as great....I bought some Adult Coloring books I am going to take out there. Especially since the weather is going to start getting cooler. I could feel a little bit of cool on the breeze this weekend so I know it is coming. As for our TV, we struggled back and fourth on that and ultimately decided to put one out there because we had a bunch of bad storms when we were buying it and I was there by myself with no internet and no way to get updates. Hence the TV. But I am ready for the cooler weather and our Firepit cause we will definately be outside more.