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  1. Thanks Ladies! We are so happy. Now i need to figure out where my vegetable garden is going to go. I'm thinking we may try a container garden next year so we can figure out the optimal location.
  2. All of the stones in the landscaping were pulled out of the ground in our yard. The plants along the edge of the house are hostas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and a Japanese maple.
  3. Completed Yard with plantings
  4. Some final details
  5. Installing the stone patio
  6. Pouring the concrete pad
  7. During - We hit a few rocks while we were excavating
  8. Have I got photos for you. We've been busy which is why I have not posted but... We had our backyard remodeled. They finished on Friday. I am in love, which is good since we will be vacationing in our yard until the loan is paid off. Here are some pics: Before
  9. Agnes is adorable. Congrats! I love that she is at the shop with you.
  10. Happy Belated Birthday Lola!
  11. I'm so sorry Lola.
  12. It's sad and frustrating. Why do people have to hurt others. I don't understand.
  13. Your puppies are so cute. Love the fridge. I have something similar made by GE with a double door instead of a single.
  14. Hi Maria!
  15. I'm so sorry Maria.