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  1. Your puppies are so cute. Love the fridge. I have something similar made by GE with a double door instead of a single.
  2. Hi Maria!
  3. I'm so sorry Maria.
  4. I just saw this. I'm so sorry Lola. Thinking of you.
  5. Sounds awesome and so relaxing! Have an awesome weekend!
  6. Love the headboard!
  7. CONGRATUALTIONS!!!! The ring is beautiful and the video was adorable!
  8. Happy Easter to those of you celebrating.
  9. Just heartbreaking.
  10. Glad you had friends with you to celebrate the end of salon. I wish you the best as you start at the new place.
  11. He's gonna make you sweat it out waiting but when he proposes I am sure it will be a beautiful surprise. That being said, just keep the hints to a minimum. Can't wait to see once he finally pops the question. I "found" my engagement ring while cleaning Jim's office. So yup - totally understand about ruined surprises. Plus I had to wait to get it and not tell him I found it. Which was agonizing. Then I ruined his surprise even further because he wanted to propose when we were in Vegas but before we left on the trip I had invited my parents to visit when his parents were in town. So he felt he had to propose early so we could tell our parents. So yup - I feel your pain. Luckily Jim picked a beautiful simple ring, but I could understand not needing to wear something you wouldn't ever feel comfortable with. Hopefully what he picks will be gorgeous.
  12. I like 1 the best with 2 a close second. I like how the name pops on the first one.
  13. Sorry to hear about giving up your Salon space but it sounds like your getting a better deal for you which is awesome. Congratulations on your change! I wish you all the best. I could not imagine having to deal with employees so this must be such a relief, especially when they are not grateful when you go out of your way to help them.
  14. Happy Birthday!!!
  15. Here's the clip back Front installed