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  1. Maria, we're always here for you!
  2. Of course I would never judge you. It's your own process. I wasn't cruelty free for years, and i had to reach that in my own time. I think it's wonderful though!
  3. Just ordered the Lila palette. Looks like it went on sale in the wee early morning. Won't be sure until they ship it. Also Benefit Cosemtics has landed at my job, and they made it so cute. Word on the street is they're going to give free samples to everyone. I don't care too much about the makeup because again, it's not CF, but they have these cute jersey t shirts I'd like to snag.
  4. Gera! i love you even more for that! you're going to love it, and feel good about it too! congratulations!
  5. Saw the reviews on Rihanna Fenti, and rushed to sephora to get it. Got color matched to 240 - for medium skin with very warm undertones. Also got her trophy wife highlighter, but to use as a shadow. tried it and LOVED it. My eyes look like stardust. It's not chunky. It looks wet, and so sexy. but nice enough to wear out in broad daylight. I wore that shit to the stop and shop. I also got the starstruck highlighting stick once I got home. Loving it! She really did good, and what's even best is that she is cruelty free. I just can't do products that aren't cruelty free, when you see how these poor animals who are tested on suffer in labs, it's hard to get those images out of your head, and I would hate to know that I'm responsible for that. I also got the Marc Jacobs eyeconic shadow, did a look with it last night but decided to reurn it because it wasn't worth 49.00 in my opinion. from the time I left to sephora and got home, 4 of the foundation shades sold out online. Tomorrow Benefit Cosmetics arrive at my job for an event. They're not cruelty free. Wondering if I should take samples if they're giving them out since I'm not spending my money on it. I can't say anything to them about not being cruelty free because I don't want to lose my job, but I would if I didn't have to worry about that because I think companies need to hear concerns about animal testing. Nars started selling their products in China, and their tinted moisturizer is my everyday holy grail I wear to work. Once it's done I cannot buy it again, and I can't get it out of my mind, as stupid as it is to think about, but dang, I find a product that makes my skin look flawless under shitty fluorescent lighting and they have to start testing on animals. It sucks.
  6. Yeah I keep Olivia in the crate. But one time I had Olivia in the bicycle basket and she got bike sick, and threw up while I was riding and the vomit streamed back like a ribbon. Chuck and I were laughing so hard it was so funny, but sad at the same time. lol I never knew dogs could get motion sickness.
  7. The fridge i have now look just like that on the inside. I love it. I chose it to fit sheet pans. Very nice. Hope you get it. Congrats about the puppy. he's cute!
  8. I was eyeing that palette, but I'm still holding out for the natasha denona sunset, which is supposed to be re-released very soon and has very similar tones. But did you see the other palette (Lila) that she's set to release on the 12th? I'm totally getting it.
  9. Hi Lola, just wondering how you're holding up.
  10. We miss you too, Maria!
  11. btw, yay for a new journal!!
  12. I think that's so sweet. Tell Gladys I send her the warmest little pug hug ever.
  13. I love fall crispness. It's like one of those things in life that truly brings me joy. I can't wait for summer to be over.
  14. Poor dog. My heart aches when I hear stories like that. Dee, there si a way to train him, it's called positive re-enforcement. That's how I trained Olivia. She used to get anxiety when I left, and the very first time we went out and left her in her crate, she had thrown up all over herself barking so much. So I really took my time to train her like it was my full-time job. Now when we leave, she senses the rhythm of our movements like when we're beginning to put our shoes on, our coats, my purse, and she knows that's her cue to go sit down and wait for her treat. And that's exactly what she does, and she's happy doing so because she wants her treat. We give it to her, walk out the door, she sleeps the entire time we're gone, and when we come back, she's still in her bed, wagging her tail, and I have to go to her before she gets up. So I'm a big believer in positive re-enforcement training. It trains pets to think that something bad (like going out) becomes something good (a treat). you should try it in short bursts like first go to the yard, then around the block, then the store, etc. It takes a long time of pure commitment. possibly a few months. But she's still a pup and now is the time to break her. You should look it up on YT. It's a real good technique, and absolutely no yelling at the dog ever. That's the main thing I heard too. I'm sorry you're going through this. I understand where the neighbors are coming from too, maybe if you could walk over and explain it to them, they could be more understanding, and even try to help you with the situation. Good luck, Hun.
  15. Thank goodness you have Stella. I think about you throughout the day, Lola. I'm so sorry this happened to you.