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  1. I was going to too ;) I am twisted like that
  2. Dinner time... I will catch up to you all when i get home. Great to "see" you all :)
  3. I am SOOOOO glad the kids don't live in Cape May right now. Stay safe everyone :)
  4. How old is Walter now Rachel? We got a cat...his name is Lennox, he is a Ragdoll My cat with Kari's dog Miss Paislee Mae - My cat was TERRIFIED of her and he weighs 18 pounds, Paislee is lucky if she weighs ONE
  5. I no longer have the two small foster kids...right at the three year anniversary there was a really YOUNG couple from MISS that wanted to adopt them and I tried to tell everyone from the start it was NOT a good fit but NO ONE would listen. It was very obvious they were just in it for the money. As expected, it didn't work and I refused to take the kids back. It was really hard but we HAD to make that decision because of all the crap we dealth with. I took a break since April and as of right this second I have an 11 year old boy that we are spending time with and he will move in the end of Sept. Ethan is still my joy and Kori has let him stay with me quit a bit this summer. The girls moved from NJ to Olympic Peninsula across from Seattle WA. They are 3-4 hours away depending on traffic and I LOVE LOVE LOVE having them this close. I am sure you all saw that they experienced a devastating house fire. They literally lost everything but the clothing on their backs :( VERY SAD but we are so so so sooooo very thankful no lives were lost and no one was hurt. It could have been so much worse and I tear up still thinking about what "could have" happened. All my time and efforts have been spent on helping them rebuild their lives from the ashes.
  6. Lo' I always LOVE seeing your food and parties on facebook. Never fails to make my mouth water. You haven't drunk dialed me in a while though :) Rachel. I actually kept up with your moving and pictures every now and then on here. Plus have PMd you a few times
  7. Im here :) Mari your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!! know what I think about your birth and Wilfred....SUCH a handsome little guy :)
  8. Just wanted to update that the kids are in a new home and are slowly putting things together. This has been hardest on Kori and Ethan. Kori for obvious reasons and Ethan because I don't think he can fully understand exactly what the hell is going on. He keeps telling people his house and toys "got fired and are dead" He is enjoying getting cards in the mail and an occassional new toy comes in the mail as well which THRILLS him but he is acting out rather harshly and Bentley is very clingy and wont let Kori out of his sight. It will just be a long long process for all of them. They were not allowed back on the property by the previous homeowners to try to recover any momentos or anything. They were total jackasses to the kids...completely! There has been a huge outpouring of support from Kari's Scentsy family and Kori's baby wearing family. I am thankful for the thoughts and prayers :)
  9. Yes they were renting. By staying all together they could afford a nicer home. Kari and Nick had renters insurance, although it wont be enough Kori didn't have any kind of insurance.
  10. Something exploded (the fire dept inspector thinks spontaneous combustion and chemical reaction) in the garage and the design of the house made it spread VERY HOT and extremely fast. It ended up being a 3 alarm fire. We are so so so thankful they all got out. Kari was sleeping in her bed. They literally lost everything...absolutely everything. Ethan is really traumatized. I shared these pics on my crafting board: My SIL lost his dad this past April. This flag from his service was recovered today. How is it that THIS of all things look unscathed but everything surrounding it was destroyed. It was in the hottest part of the fire too! AND this was on the upper floor in the area that sustained the mmost damage...there IS NO upper floor now All the birth certificates, passports, and important paperwork inside and SAFE! Invest in one of these!!! [cool] Of course Kori lost all of the things she had saved for Ethan of Albies including pics...well duh everything! The contents of that safe and what she had in her vehicle is all they have. They didn't have insurance :(
  11. My daughters lost everything they own in a house fire yesterday. They got out of the house with the clothing on their backs THANK GOD everyone is physically okay. Just thought of all the support Kori got here when Albie passed away and wanted to say HI and if you can please send lots of thoughts and prayers their way. It is going to be a long road. There are tons of pics of the house on our Facebook pages
  12. Lets see if I remember how to post a reply, it has been so darn long. I just got a Nook Color and I too love to have the actual paper in my hands but I think once i get used to it i am going to LOVE it. I like that you can hold whole library in your hands. A lot of stuff is free but the new releases are just as expensive as buying the paper book. I LOVE that you can view full color magazines and since I reference them a lot in crafting, I am going to like having them easily searchable at my fingertips. Plus the color feature is so much better for my eyes that are increasingly being effected by MS. ohhhh and I really like that you can have it read to you and play Pandora or MP3s. You can literally store THOUSANDS of books on this puppy! I havent figured out quite how it works yet but you can "loan" your digital books out, just like the paper ones. Oh and having the newspaper of choice delivered to the Nook each morning...AWESOMENESS! My daughter has the kindle and my brother has the regular Nook so I had to go one better and get the Nook Color cause that is how i roll :D
  13. is not interested in your idle chatter.

  14. Mehhhh...sorry, I will crawl back under my rock... One of those cases where i should just sit on my hands and close my eyes because it wasn't my business anyway.
  15. I am going to sound like a total bitch here...and I did...oh well :coffee: