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  1. Thank you Ugh, the Josie Maran cleanser is... it does clean my face and takes off my makeup, except for my waterproof mascara. I have to use another makeup remover. Today I have a ton of errands to run and will get the elf cleanser balm at Target, I've use it before and even it leaves a residue that I have to wash my face after I use it, but it works. Now my hunt begins and it will be easier to travel with (a balm instead of an oil). I don't think I have mention it before but I can't use regular mascara because my lashes are so straight and down, that after curling them, if I apply regular mascara they go back down in front of my eyes in seconds... WP is the way to go for me.
  2. I finished Wentworth today, OMG! That fucking freak! Great show, 100% recommended.
  3. The set up of Benefit looks lovely!
  4. Thanks, and thanks for never judging me for not using CF, but now that I made the switch I do feel better. No more buying indiscriminately for me.
  5. You know we feel the same
  6. You got me thinking about the cruelty free topic, I thought about it, and thought "hey, I can do that", so I decided starting today I will start buying cruelty free skincare and cosmetics. I consider myself an animal lover despite being a carnivore, but experiments on animals for the sake of beauty, no. Not anymore, I'll take my business some place else. I already follow people on YouTube that only use CF so, that helps. I will use up whatever I have that is not CF, I already paid for it, so use it. I went to Sephora today to get a new makeup remover balm (currently using the Clinique one) and was going to get the Boscia balm, but checked online with the balm already on my basket and it wasn't CF. I asked the lady there what she can recommend and she gave me a sample of some First Aid Beauty, but I ended up getting the Josie Maran Argan Oil remover. Also, because my translucent face powder is from Clarins, and I'm half way done with it, I got a travel size of the KVD translucent powder. I still have tons to learn, but, I know I'll get better at CF brands and stuff.
  7. Poor Olivia haha. But yeah, some times I even cover my cats crates with a thin blanket so they don't see the movement through the windows and get calm.
  8. Your dogs are super cute together
  9. I like the ones with the freezer on the bottom, but Miguel was like "naah" and we got one with french doors. I hope you get the one you posted!
  10. Lo siento mucho
  11. The Lilac one is very pretty.
  12. I went to Sephora today and got the Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes palette. I went there to get the bronzer from the same collection, but got the palette instead (not my hand, BTW, I found the pic at refinery29) I think it's a great complement to the Sweet Peach palette. Also, on Saturday I bought the YSL Forever Light Creator CC Primer. OMG,I love it. I bought it in the shade Apricot. I like it more than the It Cosmetics CC+. It gives me a "from within" glow. ETA: in the picture says CC Creme, but mine says CC primer. Also, not my picture, found it in google.
  13. We watched the 2 lasts episodes of Twin Peaks last night. It was a all a big ? at the end, making up our own theories and stuff. We started season 3 of Narcos! I'm very excited. Also, I started watching Death Note, the anime series. Last week I found out Wentworth had a new season and been binge watching. I prefer Wentworth over OITNB. I find OITNB annoying AF now. Wentworth is way darker and dramatic.
  14. I subscribed to Boxy Charm and they put me on waiting list We'll see.
  15. Hola Maria! Missing you too, preciosa.