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  1. I cheated, I didn't read the book, instead I went with the audio book on You Tube one day while I was cleaning around. One of the things she mentions is to not stock up, and I always do that with toilet paper and kitchen towels. I think a bride will find your dress beautiful. Don't get discourage by the employee, sometimes they don't have the knowledge or education to appreciate things.
  2. The galaxy palette is so pretty! I couldn't resist and bought the Naked Heat palette this Monday. I decided I wasn't going to get it after watching pictures online of the swatches and they were terrible! But last week (Wednesday) I went to McAllen (my car was due for service) and went to the mall there. In McAllen, the Sephora there is a real Sephora store, unlike the Sephora inside JC Penny here in Brownsville. Anyway, They had the Naked Heat there, and I was able to do swatches on my arm. Oh my. It was love at first sight. The eye shadows are very pigmented, I knew I have to have it. But I decided to sleep on it, until Sunday night, when I got an email from Ulta saying the Naked palette was in store starting Monday morning. I got my butt there at 9:55 am (for real) and bought it. Pretty much it was the first thing I showed to Miguel when he came home from work lol. He understands the struggle is real. I saw videos comparing it to the Modern Renaissance palette and even one comparing it to the Sweet Peach. Many of the comments on YT were like "thanks for saving me $$, I already have the Modern Renaissance, so I don't need this" but I don't have that palette. So glad I didn't got it. The comparison to the Sweet Peach palette, naaah girl. Maybe the Summer Yum looks a lot like a couple of the shadows of the Heat palette but to me that's about it. Saw this tutorial last night and now I'm like "I need all the collection" OMG! no. Just the lipstick she uses. And the eyeliner LOL
  3. Rachel, sorry I couldn't told you yesterday about the eyeshadows I used from the Peach Palette. But here they're: Peaches n Cream all over the lids. Puree, Summer Yum and Charmed in the crease (and in that order) Bellini and Luscious on the lid. I used a brown eyeliner and voila! Loved it
  4. This morning I received a 20% off coupon from Ulta on my email. I ran there a few moments ago and got the It cosmetics CC+ Illumination Cream. I already have a travel size of their regular CC+ Cream and really liked it. I want to try out the Illumination one. With the coupon I paid $30 instead of $38. WIN!
  5. Love the fire place and deer skulls. The headboard is ama-ze-balls! It looks so rustic, in a good way. Like in a magazine.
  6. Awesome! Please let me know what you think about it, I've been seeing reviews (the non-sponsored ones) and people say the color payoff is not really there. But those colors! OMG! They look good on me
  7. How cute!! Loved the video. I saw the ring in Instagram too, congratulations to both of you.
  8. So sorry to hear you guys had a fight, I hope you guys can work things out.
  9. Happy Mother's Day!
  10. That's great! I knew you'll feel better there!
  11. I like almost all the foundations I have, except for one or 2. I want to show my collection and review each one, if you're interested let me know. Just take in consideration I have oily skin. I agree with you, the beauty blender is amazing. I have tried the real techniques sponge and I don't like how easily tears apart when I wash it, maybe it's me and I'm very rude because scrub the shit out of it. But I wash the beauty blender just the same and it holds great its shape. Dee: don't hesitate and ask for samples if you want to invest in a high end foundation. Some employees are very nice and give you a lot of product to try, some are terrible and don't give you much, but that's how I have found foundations I like. And drugstore, I usually get mine at Walmart, their return policy is great and they don't ask questions.
  12. I used the TF bronzer for the first time this weekend, and I really like it. I use a light hand with it but it's very pretty, it's one of those colors that goes with many skin tones. And even my bronzer is small, when you open it smells like chocolates a lot. I don't think I would get the bigger size when I run out of it because I have a few more bronzer I want to hit pan first, but it's in my "distant future" list definitely. I got samples of the Sunday Riley moisturizer and giiiirl! I need it in my life. The Sephora 15% sale starts tomorrow and I think I will get it. So far my skin care routine is simple: witch hazel toner in the mornings, followed by moisturizer, so far the Bioderma Sensibio light is the one I'm using. I try to switch face creams too, but want to try a face oil. I started again using the spot remover lotion, I used a month, then rested for a month, and started again last night. My upper lip spot is almost gone, and I can almost swear I see my pores smaller. The downside is that I have to use sunblock on my face which I hate and the dryness, I get dry patches that foundation clings to, but if I need to, I can exfoliate. ETA: now that I started with the RT magique product I use sunblock instead of moisturizer. Any brand as long is creamy.
  13. Happy Belated Easter too! I was on the road getting back home on Sunday. I hope you ladies had a good one.
  14. Looove Kimberly Clark, and I respect her views about consumerism. I saw last night she has this new video but couldn't watch it, I had to prepare dinner. Anyway, I've been trying to give away stuff I don't use, that's still in great/good condition. Stuff I've been holding on to for unknown reasons and (for real), I've been moving it around with me for years! and still don't use it. I haven't finished though, I still have to go through my clothes, kitchen, and 3 more closets, but slowly getting there, I hope Kimberly can help in this process.
  15. The end of a sitcom part made cry, I kid you not Not the teary eye or shit like that, actual tears. I happy that you feel good in your new place.