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    Reading, writing, traveling.....I would LOVE to be a travel writer but I'm going to school for nursing....makes sense right.
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    I was looking through Rachel's wedding story on UW and I saw a link for BBB. I clicked on it and haven't been able to leave since :)
  1. That was really interesting. I have to admit I didn't know what one question was referring to. I have never heard of my number 1 pick and I do not want to vote for my number two. In a perfect world there would be a candidate I agree with completly :)
  2. Poor little thing. I hope she is able to come home soon.
  3. Those pictures are amazing Amanda. Liam is so cute :)
  4. Deidre those pictures are AMAZING! When I get married I'll make sure to do it in Maine ;)
  5. I love this thread!
  6. Congratulations!
  7. I THINK that she's some kind of internet personality. So not famous, lol. That show is a good one for when you want to waste some time or its late and you can't sleep.
  8. You have a beautiful little boy with the most kissable cheeks :)
  9. Oooo I love hearing about your life. :D How exciting that you get to go to a world series game!
  10. I finally got around to watching Pirates of the Caribbean 2 today. I didn't think it was nearly as good as the first one. I'm watching Over the Hedge now :D
  11. Thanks Rosemary. Its my favorite quote :)
  12. So I just read your entire journal. So what if its 1am and my eyes hurt. Hearing all about Jessica’s life is way more important duh :) Your story after her first surgery reminded me why I want to go in to the medical profession. To replace jerk offs like that resident! I was sooooo mad after I read your story. Now I have read farther into your journal and am now pissed about them not telling you about her chromosome deletion!!!! What idiots!!!! Ok around page 46 she starts to look like a big girl! It seems like she just changed all of a sudden….oh wait maybe that’s because I’m reading two years of her life in an hour. Yeah that’s probably it. Haha that video of her sleeping and twitching while sitting up is sooo cute. What a talented little girl :) You are such a wonderful and dedicated mom. Jess is so lucky to have you. :) She is just about the cutest little thing ever. I am so glad I took the time to read about her life. Thanks for journaling and always sharing pictures :) I'm glad she is feeling better.
  13. Double post...look below!
  14. She's old enough to get a statuatory rape charge. Gross.
  15. Oh my goodness what beautiful pictures!