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  1. Maria !!!! Love you lady! We’re here for you whenever you need to talk, vent etc. I’m sorry you’ve been going through medical stuff too. :(
  2. Thanks! Today was day 3 and I’m already feeling more comfortable and remembering the basics of my job. It’ll just be learning some of the managerial stuff like payroll etc. I’m going to sit down with my employee Erica on Friday and my boss told me she’s leaving it to me to make a schedule with her. Woohoo! #bosslady
  3. Hahaha this made me laugh so hard. I have watched the office. I need to watch it again LOL. I have 6 weeks left! I can endure for that long. Right???? lol thanks ladies! It should be good. I’m having the nerves and thinking too much!
  4. Omg. So crazy that I haven’t posted in so long. This semester is kicking my ass. Also I got extra crazy and applied for the office manager position at my old job and they interviewed me and offered me the job. It’s a four day work week right now and good pay. I’m only doing it for the money right now. I start Monday and I’m having major anxiety and regret about it because I love staying at home with my kiddos. Waahhhhhh
  5. That looks sooooo amazing! That's awesome. I'm so excited for you guys. What a wonderful entertaining area.
  6. I'm so late! Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad it was a nice day!
  7. Awwwww, I'm so sorry Lo. Those pictures... You guys are in my thoughts <3 <3 <3
  8. Thanks! My classes are going great. almost to the halfway point. Next week! woohoo! The ones I have this semester are pretty laid back and easy for me. I'm glad because last fall and spring I had some harder classes. I'm taking A&P I and College Algebra next semester, and I need at least one more class. Probably an ethics class.
  9. That's so great that she is so chill with you at work. She's soooo stinking cute!
  10. Thank you :) It's Grant Gray by Behr at Home Depot. I got a new phone a few days ago and it has this portrait mode on it. I love it. Makes my boys look even more handsome :D
  11. awwwww those pictures are so sweet. I love them.
  12. She's so adorable! I think sometimes things like that take time. Like Rach said about how it took her a while to bond with Olivia. I love our new little addition. He's very sweet, but he doesn't have my heart like my Max lol. Idk what it was about Max but from the second he was home with us (and he was an adult dog) he was "mine" and everyone knew I was his lol. He picked me like that and is my sidekick always. I don't feel that same yet with Reddington but maybe over time.
  13. It's so awful. :((((
  14. So I took pup to the vet last week and he got his second round of puppy shots and his 12 week check up. They loved him and he was very well behaved. :) He was 24.2lbs already. Oh my. lol He's going back at 16 weeks. Our fridge officially died and I got a new one last Sunday. I love it, and I love that it works! LOL. It was the store model and it was on clearance for like $800 less than retail and the system glitched at checkout when I was getting the 5 year extended warranty (not risking anything!) and it gave me another discount that essentially paid for the extended warranty lol. Here's my boys!!! Beautiful flowers my momma grew :) I also started painting my kitchen finally. I'm gonna work on it more today so I will post pictures later :D