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  1. Thanks everyone! Lola, I was going to look into one anyway for safety but I didn't know it could help with that. I'll have to check them out asap.
  2. Lola, the one I have now has the bottom freezer it's just a really old model, but I think there isn't a lot of freezer space either. We've been planning on getting a chest freezer anyway because when I stock up on stuff for 6 people I feel like I'm always running out of room. Here's little Reddington. We're just calling him Redd. He is 10 weeks old today. He loves Max. Max likes him a lot too. They are getting alot of energy out playing. Max just gets tired since he's close to 3 and doesn't have that puppy energy. Sometimes he gets annoyed if Redd wants to play with his toys but they are being very good to each other. I just keep redirecting Redd to his own stuff lol. He is a huge snuggle bug. He loves snuggling and will put himself on his own back to lay like a baby in our arms its so cute. That isn't going to last long. He's already gained 3 pounds and is about 18 pounds now. He's a Doberman/Staffordshire Terrier mix. His only issue, poor thing, is that we have found out several times he gets motion sick in the car.
  3. Well, the girls have all started back to school. My classes started yesterday. I have three online ones I'm taking. I'm taking Math 114: Technical Math, Soc 218: Social Problems, and English 220: Writing in the Sciences. I think I'll like the English and Sociology class. Math... not so much lol. I'll get through it though. We got a new puppy as a companion for Max. He's doing really well. We've had him home for 10 days now and he's fit in really nicely. He and max play a lot which is great since it tires them both out. My freezer in my refrigerator has been acting up and yesterday it stopped being very cool. It came with the house and it's old probably at least 10-15 years old. I took everything out of it and put that stuff in our garage refrigerator and I'm thawing it all out to see if it's just frozen up. I feel bad but I secretly hope it can't be fixed so we can get a new one lol. This is the one I want.
  4. I know I've posted to you on FB, but just letting you know I'm still thinking about you and your family. <3 <3 <3 Love you mama <3
  5. My daughter is obsessed with Death Note. I haven't watched it. Wentworth is so much better than OITNB.
  6. I love all the fall stuff too. I like summer, but after that fall-iness the other day I started craving more lol. Of course it's muggy and hot here today. I've been so busy since the girls got home. I'm so loving it. It's weird how they motivate me but I've been cleaning like mad and my house hasn't been so clean all summer, even though they weren't home lol. It feels good. Amber had a friend over, and I had my nephew for two days here and now Sadie is off having a playdate with her little friend. I hope we can get a few days before school starts to just relax and enjoy being together. Oh how badly I missed them <3
  7. I think that's so sweet too. Very healing and a way to feel connected <3 I'm glad you shared that with us.
  8. Thanks ladies. Rachel, I'm going to start doing stuff like that. I had done that a while ago. When he'd go to his crate I'd give him a treat. He always knew we were going to be leaving. He can tell. I can see the panic in his eyes and I tried being really positive, giving him love then a treat, and a treat when we get home. I'll look more into that. The trouble came when I started letting him stay out of his crate because I thought he'd be happier laying around the house or playing with his toys and having access to his food/water. I shouldn't have started doing that at all. In other news that the last two days have felt like fall here. This morning feels so crisp out. I can't wait to go out and drink my coffee. The kids are still asleep from the time difference because of their trip. It's so nice and peaceful. I can't wait to start doing all the fall type things. Eva asked me yesterday if we could go apple picking. :)
  9. So I figured since my other journal was old and long I'd start fresh. New marriage and not so new life really but it'll be nice to have everything new. So I have this awful story to start out telling you all. So the girls ended up flying to Oregon last Monday to their uncle Stewart and Aunt Alycia's house. This is Nick's brother and sister in law. We've had some really good experiences lately with communicating with them. Nick was supposed to go there as well to see the girls and have a sort of "supervised" visit. He ended up voluntarily committing himself to a mental health facility a couple weeks ago and still is there so the girls didn't have to see him at all. Thankfully. Either way, they had an awesome visit with their aunt and uncle and cousins and got to know them. So this morning at 3am I left my house to go to Boston to pick them up by 7am at the airport. Well last week when we dropped the girls off our dog Max was barking so loudly for hours apparently that our neighbors called the local PD and they called us. He was inside, but the windows were open on top so he could be heard more. I am usually always home with him in the last year and he has EXTREME seperation anxiety. He also needs to take trazadone if we are in group settings and theres lots of people at our house or we take him anywhere. At our wedding we took him and had to medicate him. I feel so bad. So the PD last week just said they felt bad for him so maybe just close our windows tight to cut down on the sound. Especially since that was a one time thing ever. Our neighbors have never ever had any reason to complain about noise. So that made me upset, but I understand too... but still if you knew we'd lived nearby for over a year and never caused any issues and clearly we weren't home, I'm not sure what they expect anyone to do about it. I didn't know he would be like that if I wasn't home for that long. So lets fast forward to today. I could NOT find his medication anywhere because we took it with us to the wedding and I know it's probably in my car or in a bag somewhere. Trust me, I looked! So I finally had to just go. I made sure all the windows were closed and he had food, water, and let him go potty. Well, about an hour and a half into our trip to Boston around 5:30am the Sargent calls us and asked if we owned a black dog because there was one one our roof. I was stunned. How the hell did he get out??? How did he get on the roof? Well it was the porch roof where Amber's bedroom window goes right out to and in the upstairs in her room there is a window a/c unit. He pushed the plastic side things to the side and squeezed out of this tiny hole and was barking on our roof at 5:30am. This is sooo embarrassing, and I never in a million years could have guessed he would do that. Barking in the house like a mad dog... ok. fine. but pushing his way out a second story window? Thank GOD we have a great friend that doesn't live too far away and totally was cool with us waking him up at 5:30am to get Max into the house, and into his crate. He's going to go in his crate every time I leave now and will have to be medicated 100%. I'm so upset and bothered that he did that and I know our neighbors probably hate us. So embarrassing. I try to be a good neighbor and keep my yard nice. We've been fixing up this house which was a total trash heap when we bought and the grass was 3.5 feet tall all around it. It looked abandoned. So I feel like people should be thankful someone is trying to help the neighborhood be nicer. Maybe I'm just overanalyzing. My poor Max... but seriously. This poor guy is killing me. Since the girls have been gone he's taken to chewing things up. I know it's anxiety about not knowing where they have been all summer. He's never chewed since we've had him for over a year and a half. So that's my introductory story into my life lol
  10. Oh no! I'm so sorry For you guys :((((( Our fur babies are part of the family like our children, it is devastating:( thomas lost his dog that has been living with his ex that they had since they were like 21 this past week as well. I'm so sorry :(((((
  11. oh boy. I haven't watched it yet. Amber's school sent out some kind of PSA warning about it. Have any of you watched Santa Clarita Diet? I laughed too hard at that show and even Thomas liked it. I can't wait for Season 2. I'm on like episode 5 of the Handmaid's Tale
  12. That's it. I'm going to order it right now and if Thomas asks me about it I'm going to tell him I had to lol. geez. I can't stop looking at that pallette.
  13. Looks great! I love the headboard and the skulls!
  14. Thanks Em! Lo, no kidding. I definitely wont LOL.