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  1. That looks sooooo amazing! That's awesome. I'm so excited for you guys. What a wonderful entertaining area.
  2. I'm so late! Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad it was a nice day!
  3. Awwwww, I'm so sorry Lo. Those pictures... You guys are in my thoughts <3 <3 <3
  4. Thanks! My classes are going great. almost to the halfway point. Next week! woohoo! The ones I have this semester are pretty laid back and easy for me. I'm glad because last fall and spring I had some harder classes. I'm taking A&P I and College Algebra next semester, and I need at least one more class. Probably an ethics class.
  5. That's so great that she is so chill with you at work. She's soooo stinking cute!
  6. Thank you :) It's Grant Gray by Behr at Home Depot. I got a new phone a few days ago and it has this portrait mode on it. I love it. Makes my boys look even more handsome :D
  7. awwwww those pictures are so sweet. I love them.
  8. She's so adorable! I think sometimes things like that take time. Like Rach said about how it took her a while to bond with Olivia. I love our new little addition. He's very sweet, but he doesn't have my heart like my Max lol. Idk what it was about Max but from the second he was home with us (and he was an adult dog) he was "mine" and everyone knew I was his lol. He picked me like that and is my sidekick always. I don't feel that same yet with Reddington but maybe over time.
  9. It's so awful. :((((
  10. So I took pup to the vet last week and he got his second round of puppy shots and his 12 week check up. They loved him and he was very well behaved. :) He was 24.2lbs already. Oh my. lol He's going back at 16 weeks. Our fridge officially died and I got a new one last Sunday. I love it, and I love that it works! LOL. It was the store model and it was on clearance for like $800 less than retail and the system glitched at checkout when I was getting the 5 year extended warranty (not risking anything!) and it gave me another discount that essentially paid for the extended warranty lol. Here's my boys!!! Beautiful flowers my momma grew :) I also started painting my kitchen finally. I'm gonna work on it more today so I will post pictures later :D
  11. Thanks everyone! Lola, I was going to look into one anyway for safety but I didn't know it could help with that. I'll have to check them out asap.
  12. Lola, the one I have now has the bottom freezer it's just a really old model, but I think there isn't a lot of freezer space either. We've been planning on getting a chest freezer anyway because when I stock up on stuff for 6 people I feel like I'm always running out of room. Here's little Reddington. We're just calling him Redd. He is 10 weeks old today. He loves Max. Max likes him a lot too. They are getting alot of energy out playing. Max just gets tired since he's close to 3 and doesn't have that puppy energy. Sometimes he gets annoyed if Redd wants to play with his toys but they are being very good to each other. I just keep redirecting Redd to his own stuff lol. He is a huge snuggle bug. He loves snuggling and will put himself on his own back to lay like a baby in our arms its so cute. That isn't going to last long. He's already gained 3 pounds and is about 18 pounds now. He's a Doberman/Staffordshire Terrier mix. His only issue, poor thing, is that we have found out several times he gets motion sick in the car.
  13. Well, the girls have all started back to school. My classes started yesterday. I have three online ones I'm taking. I'm taking Math 114: Technical Math, Soc 218: Social Problems, and English 220: Writing in the Sciences. I think I'll like the English and Sociology class. Math... not so much lol. I'll get through it though. We got a new puppy as a companion for Max. He's doing really well. We've had him home for 10 days now and he's fit in really nicely. He and max play a lot which is great since it tires them both out. My freezer in my refrigerator has been acting up and yesterday it stopped being very cool. It came with the house and it's old probably at least 10-15 years old. I took everything out of it and put that stuff in our garage refrigerator and I'm thawing it all out to see if it's just frozen up. I feel bad but I secretly hope it can't be fixed so we can get a new one lol. This is the one I want.