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  1. Happy Mother's Day to all!
  2. Oh Lo! That's so great! I'm glad things are good for you!
  3. Hope you are having a good one!
  4. I think you'll be able to make some great suggestions <3
  5. I like 1
  6. Wow!!!! Well I am glad it is a good change for you :D It sounds like you are making the best choice for you, which is great!
  7. Happy Birthday!!!
  8. It looks beautiful!!! (I also just read your paint story... omg you poor lady.. people would have died)
  9. Happy Labour Day ladies!
  10. Happy belated anniversary
  11. That's how I felt too lol
  12. I am so bitter on Mother's Day. Is that terrible? Like the shit people post on Facebook - I just can't do it. James said I should celebrate anti-mother's day 6 months from today, but it isn't about being anti-mother. I need a infertile day where people do nice things for me and thank me for being me and I can drink wine.
  13. Hey.... could I get my OBBB status back? Looks like the reset put me back into Members :)
  14. It's all good Rachel!! I was worried about you!