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  1. I just read my original post and I miss him even more.
  2. Hi my dear friends. I am breathing but not living. I hate all of this. I miss him and have been going through medical shit since December. Monday will be 8 months since I found him cold, blue & completely lifeless. If it weren't for Markus I'd have joined him. Living without half your heart sucks.
  3. I saw your post on FB and felt so sad for you. I know how much she is loved even now. It's totally ok to talk to her or whatever you need to do for comfort.
  4. Thank you all. I will try to pop in a bit more. I love you girls more than you know.
  5. Thank you, I'm far from ok and not sure if or when I will be. I know I can share here and once I get my head straight I will. I still can't believe he's gone.
  6. Thank you all. I'm so fuckin' lost without him. I miss his voice, his smile, his laugh well I miss everything. I'm out of work with PTSD until Sept 29 & not sure I will go back. They have treated me like shit through this all. Between my job and his so called family they made this much harder than it was already for me. I just want to crawl under a rock.
  7. My love left me on August 2, 2017 the day after our 8th Anniversary I came home from a training and found him on the bathroom floor. I will never forget that moment. I knew he was gone because his skin was discolored and rigor was setting in. He lost his battle with addiction and left me all alone. I'm absolutely numb by it all.
  8. This made me smile. I love you ladies!
  9. So many great things happening for you. I can so relate to that feeling of freedom not having to deal with a staff. I love the sign of the new place. When are you opening there?
  10. Holy shit I've missed all of the transformation! It is AMAZEBALLS seeing all you did. There's just way too much to comment on from the kickass light fixture you made through the NYE party.
  11. Hola ladies, Sorry I have been MIA. I've just been dealing with so much and in a dark place so I didn't want to bring things down in here. It looks like I have lots to catch up with you busy ladies. I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you for all the support you've all given me through this hell I've been living the past 5 yrs & 8 mths. I got the best Christmas gift Saturday when my grandson finally got to see his father finally. I couldn't have made it through the darkest of thoughts I had. I love you all and will be back to posting once I'm caught up.
  12. I want to lick the screen. I'm sure it smells amazing! Oh I'm so happy you get to experience the feeling of love knowing that was made just for you with lots of love. Enjoy it!
  13. I know you ladies are always here for me an I love you all for it. I just hate being the Debbie Downer here the past few years.
  14. I'm a Mother and itvwas by far the absolute worst day ever. It was the first time in almost 10 yrs that Markus was not home to walk into my room with some crazy chocolate breakfast concoction. I will not get that until 2017 so far. This first yr of holidays is going to be the hardest.
  15. Goodness I'm horrible & haven't been in here. I ate EVERY last bite all by myself. Best bread ever! Nothing is more comforting than a nice warm slice of buttered bread except for it being homemade by a dear friend.