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  2. And the part that is equally as important for me as de-cluttering, probably more, is what I do with the things I declutter, how I dispose of it. Kimberly Clark spoke about minimizing your carbon footprint by disposing (trashing) as little as possible. So for me it's not just about throwing shit out, it's about finding a proper home for each and every item. So I see how that can be gratifyling, Lola, to give stuff away and know someone else is getting good use out of it. Smart for not reading the book, Gera. Personally, I have no regrets, because it moved to want to go through this change in my life. I love it.
  3. I cheated, I didn't read the book, instead I went with the audio book on You Tube one day while I was cleaning around. One of the things she mentions is to not stock up, and I always do that with toilet paper and kitchen towels. I think a bride will find your dress beautiful. Don't get discourage by the employee, sometimes they don't have the knowledge or education to appreciate things.
  4. I need to watch those videos and read that book! l sometimes go through the house with a garbage bag and just grab things and start tossing, and it feels sooooo good! l have a lawn care lady that is lower income and raising 3 kids and l always ask her first when l purge if she needs/wants what l'm getting rid of and she usually takes it. lt makes me feel good because the items are getting another life, and someone really wants them. l know what you mean about your wedding dress, it would have been nice for her to acknowledge it for what it is, but the bride that gets it certainly will!
  5. I finally got rid of the wedding dress I never wore for my wedding. I still feel guilty about the waste of money, and seeing it was always a reminder of how stupid I was to buy it, although it was a very pretty gown. It kinda taught me to be sure that when I buy something I really love it. I gave it away to a local thrift shop. I wanted to donated to this org. that makes wedding dresses into burial outfits for babies that don't make it home from the hospital, but they only take donations certain times of year, and they don't have listed when is the next cycle. So I just gave it to a thrift store. I feel kind of sad even though i never wore it, because in the book it says I should say goodbye to the dress, as corny as that sounds, and I didn't, and when the lady took the dress, the lady acted like I was giving her a pair of jeans. It mde me feel sad that I gave it to the wrong people. I would have much rather found someone I knew would've enjoyed it, but you'd be surprised how difficult it is to get rid of a wedding dress. I tried a few years ago, and couldn't do it, so I'm glad I was finally able to give it away. I really hope a bride finds it and has a beautiful wedding day in it.
  6. I finished the book two nights ago because it was so damn boring, but the very next morning after I had finished I began to immediately purge my home of clutter. We already have one large donation box to get rid of, and I already feel cleansed. There are so many closets I have to hit that are stressing me out. Also draws that are a mess, the attic, Joshua's room, holiday decorations. Not looking forward to it, but I am at the same time. I already decluttered most of my kitchen. all of the hutch in the dining room, the yoga room, we already feel lighter in our household. I hope to be done within the month.
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  8. In my opinion it is not the modern Renaissance palette. I have that one too, and MR is more deep reds, whereas udh is more burnt oranges, and clay colors of the dessert. It's like comparing the desserts of Morocco to the desserts of Arizona. For me the two palettes are a must have. Glad you got it. My favorite shade is Sauced. I can't stay away from that one. I'm going to hit pan on that so quick. It's my go to transition shade. I find the only color that isn't pigmented at all is the one all the way to the left (the lightest shade). But I guess you could use it as an all over base for your lid. But I had to stop reaching for it because I felt like I was doing looks with it almost everyday. In fact, when i wanted to switch it up, I used the MR palette, and got a totally different look. Although I must admit, that I purchased the single shadow from makeup geek called Morocco, and I love to use it to finish off my look with the Mod. Ren. That youtube video you posted...that bitch think she look better than me.. Dee, definitely get it, you won't regret it!
  9. The galaxy palette is so pretty! I couldn't resist and bought the Naked Heat palette this Monday. I decided I wasn't going to get it after watching pictures online of the swatches and they were terrible! But last week (Wednesday) I went to McAllen (my car was due for service) and went to the mall there. In McAllen, the Sephora there is a real Sephora store, unlike the Sephora inside JC Penny here in Brownsville. Anyway, They had the Naked Heat there, and I was able to do swatches on my arm. Oh my. It was love at first sight. The eye shadows are very pigmented, I knew I have to have it. But I decided to sleep on it, until Sunday night, when I got an email from Ulta saying the Naked palette was in store starting Monday morning. I got my butt there at 9:55 am (for real) and bought it. Pretty much it was the first thing I showed to Miguel when he came home from work lol. He understands the struggle is real. I saw videos comparing it to the Modern Renaissance palette and even one comparing it to the Sweet Peach. Many of the comments on YT were like "thanks for saving me $$, I already have the Modern Renaissance, so I don't need this" but I don't have that palette. So glad I didn't got it. The comparison to the Sweet Peach palette, naaah girl. Maybe the Summer Yum looks a lot like a couple of the shadows of the Heat palette but to me that's about it. Saw this tutorial last night and now I'm like "I need all the collection" OMG! no. Just the lipstick she uses. And the eyeliner LOL
  10. That's it. I'm going to order it right now and if Thomas asks me about it I'm going to tell him I had to lol. geez. I can't stop looking at that pallette.
  11. I got two new palettes. The lorax was brought back due to popular demand, so I jumped on it, and because I was ordering from Ulta anyway I added the galaxy chic to it because it was only $16.00. Got a nude lipstick, but it's too light so it'll be good to mix with darker ones. ps, I've been loving the urban decay heat palette. I reach for it all the time. I use it day and night. Every time I do a look with it Chuck loves it.
  12. Were they big changes? how will it affect your working space?
  13. lt was pretty amazing, but honestly, it's good to be home. l can't wait to go in tomorrow and see how it looks.
  14. So they took your advice on the changes? That's great! you must be in heaven right now with all that time off.
  15. We've been up north for the last 10 days on vacation because the salon is going through a remodel, so it's been pretty great.
  16. Hey, my job sucks. Hows yours going?
  17. ps, I forgot to mention I like the deer over the mantel!
  18. Love the headboard!
  19. I love that look on you!! don't you just love summer yum. Its still one of my top fav!
  20. Rachel, sorry I couldn't told you yesterday about the eyeshadows I used from the Peach Palette. But here they're: Peaches n Cream all over the lids. Puree, Summer Yum and Charmed in the crease (and in that order) Bellini and Luscious on the lid. I used a brown eyeliner and voila! Loved it
  21. dang girl, I know you thought of me. It's the story of my life.
  22. Thanks Gera and Dee! Yeah Rachel, l swear l thought of you when it was put up. Whyyyyyy us?? lol lol I love it, it makes the room, but l wanted light and airy. Maybe l could sand it off, l might give that a try.
  23. I see what you mean about the varnish, but I think it looks great. Can you just sand it off? oh don't you hate that feeling, when you're excited about something and your relationship with the person prevents you from showing how kinda pissed you are? I'm totally feeling your frustration.
  24. Good deal!
  25. This morning I received a 20% off coupon from Ulta on my email. I ran there a few moments ago and got the It cosmetics CC+ Illumination Cream. I already have a travel size of their regular CC+ Cream and really liked it. I want to try out the Illumination one. With the coupon I paid $30 instead of $38. WIN!
  26. Looks great! I love the headboard and the skulls!
  27. Love the fire place and deer skulls. The headboard is ama-ze-balls! It looks so rustic, in a good way. Like in a magazine.
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