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  2. CONGRATUALTIONS!!!! The ring is beautiful and the video was adorable!
  3. Thanks Em! Lo, no kidding. I definitely wont LOL.
  4. How cool! Congratulations Dee. You will never forget your proposal story that's for sure. lol
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  6. Beautiful ring! I'm so happy for you. Congratulations!!
  7. Hahha! I am :) thank you all. I love the ring!!!! it's perfect.
  8. How cute!! Loved the video. I saw the ring in Instagram too, congratulations to both of you.
  9. Oh my goodness, congratulations!! I saw the ring on IG. It's beautiful! are you happy now! lol
  10. Maybe the video won't work, but I'll post it tomorrow!
  11. Hahahha! I know right? When he got home tonight he walked in and said he had to show me something on his phone. It was this video IMG_6418.mp4 then he got down on his knee and all choked up asked me to be his wife! Brat!!! I'll post more tomorrow but I'm still in shock lol. The girls were all there and were so happy.
  12. You must really trust him because i don't trust Chuck to buy me a pair of socks I like. seriously. I just get what I want, or tell him exactly what i want, and honestly, that makes me much happier.. it makes me feel a little bad because he tries so hard, and he means well, but at the end of the day, if I'm going to have to return it, I might as well tell him exactly what i want and save time and money shipping it back. LOL but ugh!! it sucks ruining your own surprise! girl, what is wrong with chu! I guess it's so easy for me to tell you to chill, when I remember being single and dating guys and being like yo, whattup? are you serious about this relationship or what? I guess I see you guys kinda like already married because you're all living together, and you bought a house together too, but I get it, you want that final commitment. I would too if I were So is he going to pick another date, or is Rachel's whole visit canceled? but damn, why did he have to tell you he ordered the ring? he ruined that part himself, because you didn't know THAT much.
  13. So sorry to hear you guys had a fight, I hope you guys can work things out.
  14. Well, I somehow did it again.. Ok, it wasn't really my fault but another surprise got ruined apparently. So I was having a typical mommy meltdown, feeling disrespected and blah blah blah by my kids yesterday and quite honestly mother's day sucked and that got brought up. I mean it was kind of OK but I was hungover and we ordered chinese food which is what I wanted for dinner but overall I felt like shit. Also, he didn't get me anything. He told me he looked at my wishlist and didn't know what to get so I could pick what I wanted and we'd ordered it... and quite frankly I don't want to. I can buy myself things anytime. It's not the same when it's not something they picked. And if I have things on a wishlist, I feel like that's easy enough to pick because it's ALL stuff I want. I keep it updated too. So back to my venting, well when I bring up mother's day yesterday, I also brought up Thomas and how he's never going to propose. Again, just a vent and I shouldn't have said it in front of Amber, who is almost 12, but she blurts out "Thomas told me the other day he is going to propose when Aunt Rachel is here." My sister Rachel is a photographer and is coming to visit and a long time ago I had mentioned that he should secretly have her take pictures when he proposes. So she says that to me and I'm like what??? But the way she said stuff I honestly thought she was getting things confused with (a. him generalizing and (b. a couple months ago when I ruined the surprise proposing when my sister was here was brought up. Of COURSE, I promptly texted my sister and asked if Thomas had said anything to her. My sister is the master of secret keeping. The stuff I've found out she knew all along boggles my mind, and she played it off VERY WELL. I was convinced there wasn't anything to it. Because I couldn't figure out how he could have possibly bought a ring without me knowing. So I honestly left it alone and went on about my day. After that the girls and I had a lovely day. Thomas got home from work and then comes outside when I was doing some chores and said he was unhappy. So I asked him why and he said because I knew about something I wasn't supposed to and I'm like what are you talking about? He said he knew that I KNEW because Rachel called him... That right there is when I realized there was a legit plan to propose because Rachel never would have done that if there was nothing to it. Rachel called him and said that Amber had told me. I told thomas that if he hadn't said anything I really would have been surprised.. especially a few more weeks down the road when Rachel is here... I have a scatter brain when it comes to that stuff and since I had already dismissed it in my mind I definitely would have been surprised. So he was mad that I said he is the one that ruined the surprised, and my sister shouldn't have told him Amber said anything and here I am. We haven't spoken since last night. It ended up in a bad fight where he accused me of grilling Amber and making her tell me information which is BS.. if I thought she knew anything I wouldn't bother her because she's a KID. He told me last night that I "manipulated Amber" into telling me and that made me really mad and I said I wouldn't marry him ever because of it and he said he was going to throw the ring into the River when it arrived because he ordered it a few days ago dramatic much, but it turned out really awful. He's mad at me and I'm mad because it's not my fault someone said something to me. I didn't dig or suspect anything. not my fault. *sigh*
  15. I hope you ladies all had a lovely mother's day!
  16. Happy Mother's Day to all!
  17. Happy Mother's Day!
  18. That's so awesome, how funny you're leaving shit like that behind and I'm basically being forced to do the opposite. I'm jelly!
  19. I'm so happy for you that after a little bit of settling in you're happy with your decision. Change, even if it's wanted, can be hard sometimes but in the end better than how things were before. That's awesome that you can just sit back and enjoy your days off and not worry about all those extra things.
  20. Thank you ladies, it really is where l'm supposed to be. The best perk is waking up on a Monday and thinking of all the things l need to do for the salon, pay the cleaning lady, get the towels ready for the week, pay bills and do book work, answer messages and organize the schedules....and then l realize and NO, l don't have to do any of that ever again. I can sit here with my coffee on my day off and enjoy my life! It's the freakin' bomb! We were up north a few weeks ago and l had my work phone and schedule and l was sitting on the deck and made 3 appointments with a cocktail in my hand, those calls would have gone unanswered until l got back, which always put pressure on me to get back. Plus fielding calls for the other stylist, l always felt pressure to get their clients taken care of. Not no mo.
  21. I'm so glad to hear things have fallen into place. It sounds like it was totally the right move for you!
  22. That's great! I knew you'll feel better there!
  23. Oh Lo! That's so great! I'm glad things are good for you!
  24. It makes me so happy to read that everything has fallen into place. At first I thought you were going to say you wanted your own salon again. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's whatever makes you feel good. Im glad that you're getting along with the other people in your space too, that's SO important, more important than any space issues. Now spring is here and you'll be able to enjoy life a little more than you ever did before. That has to have you so stoked.
  25. Ok so now that l have a month under my belt at the new place l can post an honest assessment of how l feel. At first l was like....what the fuck did l do. For the first week l was slowly bring in my supplies and kind of living out of my car, the dispensary where we mix up colors is sooo small, l don't think they originally were going to have 7 stations so it was cramped and my shit was just so unorganized. I actually booked an extra half hour per client just so it wasn't a rushed shit show and l really needed that extra time. I would come in and while I was happy, it just didn't feel like home. The girls are all nice, but of course at the point it was too early in the game to really know them, and l was like a fish out of water because they were all settled in and l was still organizing my space. I went to visit Gene, a guy that worked for me at his new salon and was like WTF why didn't I come here, there's so much space etc. l was having a little buyers remorse. Not having the responsibility was amazing, but was it worth it? Then l don't know what happened but one day l walked in and it all just clicked. l was so happy to be there, my stuff was put away and organized, my assistant was back from vacation and l really felt at home. My clients love the space, although a few of them did say they miss Lola Salon, because my number one priority was client comfort and this new space is a little cold. But all the cons of moving there slowly redeemed themselves. ln the beginning l was treading lightly because l didn't want to go in like a wrecking ball but after a few conversations with the building owner l asked about changing a few things and her response was mi casa es su casa. So I have since moved some things around, organized space in the office for us all to put our purses and supplies and it's just all working better. The owners of the building have committed to taking a few walls out and opening up the dispensary and making a better working environment so that's a plus as well. All the stylist are just really helpful with each other and all around good solid people. A few of the girls like to come and hang in my space between their clients, they have all made my clients feel really comfortable and they get my humor. No one is uptight or stressed, and they love Carolina, my assistant. l asked my self the other day ...if you could magically go back and have Lola Salon back and have things they way they were would you? My answer was unequivocally no. I'm happy that l have freedom, more money, more people to share hair techniques with, less responsibility and l'm no ones "momma". It's also freaking awesome that l don't have to go in on my day off and tend to things and l can make my appointments from anywhere that l am!
  26. I'm going to go post and update in my Big Changes journal right now. Thanks for checking in!
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