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  2. This is soooo cute, l just realized that the cake has a cottage on it! l love it. xo xo
  3. Thanks Ladies! We are so happy. Now i need to figure out where my vegetable garden is going to go. I'm thinking we may try a container garden next year so we can figure out the optimal location.
  4. Thanks girls! l appreciate you. xo xo
  5. Happy Birthday, Lola!! sorry I missed it!
  6. oh my god!! No way!! Mar that looks amazing, l can't even believe it's the same yard. Wow! you just added a whole new level to your home, never mind the value you added. You should be really proud of yourself, it looks amazing. l would just go out and stand there in awe every free second l had!
  7. That looks sooooo amazing! That's awesome. I'm so excited for you guys. What a wonderful entertaining area.
  8. It looks lovely! Great work! I would like to chill next to your fire pit and roast marshmallows.
  9. Oh my goodness. Looks like a house on the hollywood hills! What an amazing transformation!! Thanks for sharing pictures! Love it!
  10. All of the stones in the landscaping were pulled out of the ground in our yard. The plants along the edge of the house are hostas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and a Japanese maple.
  11. Completed Yard with plantings
  12. Some final details
  13. Installing the stone patio
  14. Pouring the concrete pad
  15. During - We hit a few rocks while we were excavating
  16. Have I got photos for you. We've been busy which is why I have not posted but... We had our backyard remodeled. They finished on Friday. I am in love, which is good since we will be vacationing in our yard until the loan is paid off. Here are some pics: Before
  17. Thanks Mar, she is a shop girl! She does really good there. And everyone loves her. l feel fortunate that l'm able to do that.
  18. Agnes is adorable. Congrats! I love that she is at the shop with you.
  19. Happy Belated Birthday Lola!
  20. I'm so sorry Lola.
  21. It's truly the end of an era. I can't believe both your sweet girls are gone. I can't even imagine. I'm so sorry!
  22. Thanks ladies, we are doing ok, and l know it's for the better but damn Stellie was my girl. l just miss smelling her, and rolling up her ear and biting it. l so happy she is with her sis and not in pain, it makes it so much easier. love you guys.
  23. Wait a minute!! I was in the shower when I realized you're talking about Stella, not Gladys. Stella died too? omg, wtf? I'm so sorry! Poor Stellie died of a broken heart.
  24. I'm so sorry, I wish I can be there and hug you and Todd. You guys are in my thoughts.
  25. Again, I'm so so sorry Lola. This is just awful. I'm glad you have Agnes to love though.
  26. I'm so late! Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad it was a nice day!
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